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Our Story

TARAgram aims to create sustainable livelihood for the poor in rural India by providing them with the tools and opportunities to become entrepreneurs or primary producers. TARAgram also supports by connecting these artisans to mainstream markets.

Products handcrafted with love

Over 25 years back, TARAgram pioneered a process to make high quality paper out of waste material. Since then the endeavor is to be completely ecofriendly. We provide an economic model that helps create sustainable employment at scale. Our focus is on some of poorest areas of India across UP, MP and Bihar but we do intend to support any poor community across India and also other poor countries around the world.

TARAgram has earned the respect of our customers through sustainable, ecofriendly & top quality product production. For our artisans, the dignified and secure economic independence they can achieve through our program swings the door wide open to endless opportunities and possibilities. At TARAgram our products are not commodities; they are stories, as each of our pieces are carefully made by hand from beginning to end and our artisans are the heroes of each chapter. Support these artisans by buying the TARAgram products.

TARAgram supports growth of sustainable employment in rural areas at large scale through development and promotion of world class eco-friendly products made in villages.

Operating as a not-for-profit for over 20 years, it has accumulated considerable knowledge of the market and is now scaling up its operations by becoming a social enterprise. Our Product Portfolio includes :

  1. Handcrafted and recycled paper, textiles and handicrafts
  2. Spices and high value food/medicinal products
  3. Natural cosmetics and toiletries

The purpose of TARAgram is to help improve productivity and earning power of the workers

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